I feel so fortunate to have Barbara Teszler as my publicist. As a first-time author she helped me achieve incredible things. Thanks to her, within a few weeks of my book launch she placed me on a) Coast to Coast AM, a top 10 national radio show with millions of listeners; b) Between the Lines, a nationally televised PBS show; and c) The Model Health Show, the #1 health/fitness podcast on iTunes. She placed me on so many other shows and news outlets as well. These placements have helped me get my message to the world quickly and effectively. Barbara is also a joy to work with. In addition to being a great person, she is responsive, strategic, and professional. She truly cares about her clients and will do what it takes to make sure they succeed. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend her if you have the opportunity to work with her.
— Mark Gober, Partner at Sherpa Technology Group and author of AN END TO UPSIDE DOWN THINKING
Barbara Teszler was the secret sauce behind the 7-city tour for the re-release of my best-seller, Real Money Answers for Every Woman.

Because of her strategy, work ethic, persistence and commitment to seeing me succeed, Barbara landed me on the morning and afternoon shows of just about EVERY city I went to including major markets like Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, DC and New York City! I was literally featured on over 50 online and print outlets including a Business Insider interview that went viral having over 100K page views within a matter of days. She also secured so many podcast and radio interviews, I found myself having to turn some down at times!

Barbara is unlike any publicist I’ve ever met. Nowadays, PR “professionals” are more concerned with having the appearance of fame themselves. Their websites and social media are a parade of pictures attempting to convince you of who they know and their conversations are a string of branding clichés and empty promises.

Barbara was different from the very FIRST time I spoke with her. She had a strategy, a plan, a determination and spirit of persistence that was refreshing. There was no fluff at all. From the day I signed my agreement, she began working on my behalf and holding everyone else around me accountable.

I will never do another media campaign or book launch again without Barbara. She’s a permanent part of my team.
— Patrice C. Washington, Steve Harvey's Money Maven and author of REAL MONEY ANSWERS FOR EVERY WOMAN
We all want people on our team who actually care about our mission in a deep way. We also want people who get results. Barbara was a crucial part of my team for my book launch and much, much more. She helped propel my book Sleep Smarter to #1 bestseller status with a wide range of exposure in top magazines, national television, syndicated radio, and that’s just for starters. With her connections and her incredible work ethic, she was also able to get me local media coverage for every city that I went to on my book tour. New York City, Phoenix, Los Angles, Las Vegas, etc.

I’m beyond happy that I made the right decision to choose Barbara as my publicist. No one could even come close to the results that she got for me. She truly over-delivers, and that’s incredibly rare in our world today. She works hard and cares about her clients, and, most importantly, she gets things done.
— Shawn Stevenson, author of SLEEP SMARTER
Results are the bottom line in public relations. And that is what Barbara Teszler delivers. She is smart, creative and tenacious. Her track record of success speaks for itself. She believes in her clients and it shows in her work.
— Mike Berland, dubbed "The Genius Pollster" by MSNBC and author of THE NEW YORK TIMES Best Seller, BECOME A FAT-BURNING MACHINE
When Enza referred me to her “PR machine” friend - she was not exaggerating. It has been an honor to work with you! I knew the first time I spoke to you, that you were the publicist for me! Thank you! You have gone beyond my expectations, and you will be highly recommended by me. As I feel this is not the end of our business relationship, I look forward to working with you again as soon as NY is set up. Thank you for everything! There are not enough words to express my gratitude.
— Jenny  Hernstad, Founder of LA SmashCakes
Barbara is an amazing PR agent. She worked tirelessly for me as I launched my first book, The Newborn Baby Blueprint. Though I’m sure she had her hands full with other clients during our time together, Barbara was attentive and aggressive on my behalf. Her efforts were above and beyond what I expected when I hired her. Barbara is THE professional you want in your corner. This won’t be our last time working together!
— Stanford-Trained Pediatrician Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP
Barbara Teszler is highly organized, motivated, and detail-oriented. She is hard-working, dedicated, and an original thinker.
— Julian Segal, Associate Sales Manager at Heyday Books
Barbara brings enthusiasm and professionalism to every project. She’s a creative PR specialist who never gives up and who constantly seeks to maximize opportunities. I would work with her again in an instant.
— Hollis Heimbouch, VP, Publisher at HarperCollins Publishers
Barbara is one of the best publicists I’ve worked with - she’s conscientious, thorough, and a good writer. She’s also a great colleague with a wonderful sense of humor.
— Bill Strachan, Editor-at-Large at HarperCollins Publishers
Barbara was dedicated, resourceful, responsive, and courteous in working with my coauthor Joe Navarro and me as the publicist for our book Louder Than Words (HarperBusiness, 2010). Consistent display of these qualities is rare in the work world, so I value them when I find them, as I did in Barbara. I am grateful for all her work on the front lines and behind the scenes to generate, secure, and arrange media bookings and to follow through on the myriad details and constant flow of information typical of a busy publicity campaign.
— Toni Sciarra Pointer, co-author of LOUDER THAN WORDS
Barbara is all grit... she gets the job done. Where others would give up, she is unrelenting until results are achieved that exceed expectation.
— Dana Leman, Executive Vice President at RandomKid
Thank you for continuing to move things forward! We saw a bump in ebooks last week! This is AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much!!! Wow – you made this happen in literally hours!

— Gail Gonzales, VP, Publisher at Rodale Books
Barbara delivered great results for my clients with tv, print and online placement of their work. She professionally managed my clients’ campaigns.
— Coleen O' Shea, Partner-Owner at Allen O'Shea Literary Agency
When I worked with Barbara for a few months preceding my latest book launch, I found her to be highly personable, enthusiastic and motivated. I enjoyed working with her, and found that it certainly helped spread the word nationally (both in print and on TV) about my work.
— Elisa Zied, author of YOUNGER NEXT WEEK
It’s great working with Barbara — she’s proactive, has good media contacts and is very responsive to adjusting strategy when needed to secure placements. Highly recommend her.
— Stacey Antine, author of APPETITE FOR LIFE
I love working with Barbara. She is professional, prompt and gets things done with exemplary speed. Her connections in PR and media are amazing and she helped grow my brand by leaps and bounds. I would definitely recommend Teszler PR and I look forward to many more projects together.
— David Zulberg, author of THE 5 SKINNY HABITS
Barbara brought in the PR blitz to our charity event so quickly I had no idea how she did it! As if by magic, our celebrity charity event was picked up by all the right people resulting in a landslide of additional press. The kitties are certainly lucky that Barbara walked into our lives!
— Shawn Simons, Founder of Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, a 501(c)(3) non-profit
If you are considering a publicist, Barbara is an excellent choice. At a reasonable fee, I was able to have intense focus on my publicity, with regular hits. I don’t think I could have fit more interviews into my schedule during most of the time we worked together. We reached across the US and to several international locations. My project was publicity for a book, and Barbara worked tenaciously to create a broad and lasting media presence for me, including numerous articles in many widely read sources, radio interviews, and podcasts. She was also easy to work with, always professional, and happy to do whatever it took. I highly recommend her.
— Josh Davis, author of TWO AWESOME HOURS
Barbara’s knowledge, grasp, and capabilities within the PR world are evident with every undertaking. She is deeply aware of the intricacies required to build a comprehensive campaign and has the passion, work-ethic, and relationships to push and promote it.
We’re always looking for the next opportunity to work with her and also to recommend her.

Barbara, thank you for all your effort and guidance!
— Sam Payrovi, Founder & CEO of Custom Consortium & Saintly Bags
My professional relationship with Barbara is the most successful collaboration I’ve ever had with a freelance publicist. She works tirelessly, and secures media for her projects long after most publicists would give up. Highly recommended.
— Gregory Henry, Assistant Director of Publicity at Regan Arts
I highly recommend Barbara because of the fantastic job she has done to help us promote our book, “Become a Fat-Burning Machine.” She has worked diligently to get us promotional exposure in a wide variety of placements, including online media and television exposure. Her work has had a bottom-line impact on book sales.

I’m happy she is on our team.
— Gale Bernhardt, co-author of FAT-BURNING MACHINE
I was impressed regarding both the number and range of entities you were able to contact and from whom you solicited requests for material from Dr. Cannell. I also want to mention that I’m very pleased that you are continuing to follow up regarding any eleventh hour stragglers who contact you after the end of our contracted period. Thanks again.
— David Arnold, Publisher of Sunrise River Press
Barbara and Zev did an extraordinary job for us. They took our movie – a feature documentary about heart disease, not an obvious winner – onto the national stage, talking to print, TV and digital media. And they did it by being themselves – committed, honest, open (and funny!). I’d work with them again in a heartbeat.
— Patrick Forbes, award-winning director
Barbara is the best the PR business can offer. She cares about her clients, understands their needs, searches for and uses every opportunity to promote them and is most resourceful.
It is always a pleasure to work with her.
— Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, Founder & CEO of the American Center for Democracy and the Economic Warfare Institute
Barbara is passionate about helping her authors succeed. I asked Barbara to join my PR campaign for the release of The Happy Kid Handbook: How to Raise Joyful Children in a Stressful World (Penguin Random House 2015). She secured great spots (TV, print, online) just three months out. Barbara listens to her authors and works to secure the best match - not just any match. I highly recommend Barbara for any author entering the crowded world of nonfiction.
— Katie Hurley, author of THE HAPPY KID HANDBOOK
Barbara Teszler and her team-mate Zev are smart, hard-working, responsive, and creative. They provided the PR for the launch of my new book and I was able to reach millions of people on-line and through the print media community. Through her endless list of media contacts, she offered me more interviews than I could schedule. Barbara was a pleasure to work with and I plan to use her again with my next book.
— Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FACN, FAAFP, CNS, best-selling author of THE 30-DAY HEART TUNE-UP
Barbara and everyone at Teszler PR do exceptional work. Barbara and Zev were super attentive to our firm’s needs and their hard work for us paid off. Not only did their creativity get us coverage in the OC Register, Huntington Beach Wave and mysocialgoodnews.com, it also launched our social media webpages into a frenzy, in a good way. It was more than we could have asked for and we will continue to have Barbara and Zev as part of our team. She definitely got us where we wanted to be!

Teszler PR is not only hardworking, but also super creative. Ms. Teszler’s end result for our law firm was pure genius. Her attention to detail and her connections within the media world are to be taken seriously. She is a force to be reckoned with!
— Amanda Selogie & Vickie Brett, Co-Founders of Selogie & Brett, A Special Education Advocacy Law Firm
Barbara and Zev gave my book launch the continued buzz I was hoping for a month after my book launched, including national and local TV appearances (including Fox News), multiple online articles (including Glamour), and numerous radio shows. It was my first time working with my own publicist, and Barbara and Zev couldn’t have been more proactive, responsive, and most important, kind and enjoyable to work with. I plan to use them again and again.
— Dr. Kelly Turner, author of THE NEW YORK TIMES Best Seller, RADICAL REMISSION
I wanted to give a special thank you to my PR team! I appreciate all of your help and assistance spreading the word on EatQ. I would also like HarperOne to know how dedicated and hardworking Barbara Teszler and Zev were through the process. Their emails were professional, on target with the topic/message of my brand and very responsive. They were fantastic about checking in with me, keeping me on track and reaching top notch media outlets. They also were open to brainstorming on unique angles. Again, thank you to everyone for your PR efforts! I am continuing to seek innovative ways to spread the word on EatQ.
— Dr. Susan Albers, Psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic
I appreciated Barbara’s services as she was able to bring awareness to my recent books as well as my philosophy and mission in healing. It was indeed a pleasure to work with Barbara and I’m sure we’ll do some work again in the future.
— Integrative Cardiologist Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., C.N.S.
Barbara Teszler is the definition of “above and beyond”. She got me loads of media coverage and was very proactive in seeking out reporters and media outlets who would be interested in covering my story. Highly recommended.
— Noah St. John, bestselling author of THE BOOK OF AFFORMATIONS
Where do I begin? If I could, I would have Barbara on a permanent retainer. I’m not kidding. She is amazing. She helped launch our book in 2011 and got us into some great media, including Forbes, NY Post, Cosmo, Barry Kibrick, local TV stations in LA and elsewhere, and more. What really sets Barbara apart, aside from her connections/relationships and media expertise, is that she does EVERYTHING with INTEGRITY. She is smart, thinks outside the box and is beyond creative in her approaches. I give her my highest and strongest recommendation. If you have the opportunity, hire her – you will not regret it!
— Rebecca Gladding, M.D., co-author of YOU ARE NOT YOUR BRAIN
Teszler PR has been the driving force behind my recent press burst. We became so overwhelmed with all the media hits! They push to make it happen for his clients and that’s what it takes to be successful! They rock!
— Gena Lee Nolin, Thyroid Disease Advocate and ‘Baywatch’ Star
Barbara gave THE WHIP the kind of exposure that most writers dream of. It’s because of her that many of the people reading this book found it. She gave the book powerful wings.
— Karen Kondazian, Author of THE WHIP, Award-Winner in the ‘Fiction: Historical’ category of The 2012 USA Best Book Awards
Barbara Teszler is the go-to person if you need to get it done publicity-wise. She knows everybody, she has access to the biggest shows coast to coast – I wanted to be on CBS – done! What more can I say – great work ethic, super fast, has great ideas, no wasted time, no empty promises, just hard work, great guidance, and did I mention she’s funny – a good pal to have around.
— Joe Navarro, author of the international best seller WHAT EVERY BODY IS SAYING, media personality, and former spy-catcher for the FBI
Barbara did a fabulous job creating and sharing stories that caught the attention of media outlets we wanted to connect with. I am already looking forward to hiring Barbara again to work on my next book project!
— Heidi Hanna, Ph.D.
Barbara is the best publicist in the US. She will work hard to make sure you get the desired results. She has created more media opportunities for me that I can list here. She will be the best investment you can make on your future!
— Dr. Fabrizio Mancini
Barbara Teszler was hired by my book publisher to coordinate PR for the launch of my new parenting book. It was my first time through the process, and Barbara was patient, supportive, and available. She and her associate, Zev, are professional, informative, and always responsive. Working with them became very much of a team approach. They are hard-working and savvy with social media. I found Barbara and Zev to be a pleasure to work with.
— Loni Coombs, Host, News Anchor, & Legal Commentator
Need a second opinion (from another publicist)? The doctor is in and Barbara Teszler has the cure. She has two fingers on the pulse of the medical beat and is raising the temperature for health and wellness PR.
— Lee Runchey, Publicity Director at Chrome PR
If I had to write all the things about Barbara Teszler that are terrific, this would be an e-book not a LinkedIn paragraph. So here’s the executive summary: One of the best publicists in the industry. Incredible results. Pushy (on behalf of you, the client) exactly when you want her to be, not pushy when you don’t. Smart as a whip. Unconventional. Knows her stuff. Responsive. Easy to work with. Are you getting my drift? Barbara got us on one of the biggest daytime national television shows in the country and THE biggest overnight radio show in America all in the space of about 8 weeks, and that’s not counting the other stuff, of which there was plenty. Seriously, folks. Barbara– and her staff, especially Zev– are just terrific and you could not want anyone better working for (and on) your team.
— Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS
Barbara Teszler is the consummate PR professional – creative, tenacious, and thorough. She takes extreme care with her clients and is results-driven so that you see exactly what you’re getting, as opposed to others who talk a good game and typically over-promise and under-deliver. If you want someone who won’t stop until she gets the job done, then I cannot recommend Barbara highly enough.
— Michelle Lemmons CEO at International Speakers Bureau
Barbara Teszler is a combination PR rock star and supernova. From the moment Barbara and Zev took over the media campaign for my book “Chatting or Cheating” they have kept me busy and my book shining bright in the media spotlight. I’ve had MORE interviews and opportunities than I could have ever imagined. While most PR firms take weeks (or months) to get the ball rolling, Barbara and Zev hit the ground running and immediately had me booked me on numerous top-tier press, radio, web and TV outlets including: Cosmopolitan, USA TODAY, Sirius XM Radio and KTLA Morning News. Bright, energetic, creative, enthusiastic, confident, highly responsive, with a strong work ethic and solid media relationships, Teszler PR outshines an entire galaxy of other PR firms. You’re in good hands here.
— Sheri Meyers, Psy.D., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist – Author of CHATTING OR CHEATING
Thank you Barbara for your hard work and helping me reach millions of people with our message to Use Your Brain to Change Your Age!
— Daniel G. Amen, MD
I was referred to Teszler PR with a specific time-sensitive project, and they delivered results practically overnight – not to mention, right in between the election and the biggest storm of the century. Teszler PR is personable, driven, thorough, and above all else, quick to deliver. I highly recommend Teszler PR for anyone looking for top tier placements in record time.
— Henry Breed, Political Advisor, United Nations
In just over a month of having Barbara Teszler on board publicizing my book, BETTER IN 7, she booked me at numerous top-tier media outlets including 20/20, Fox News Health, Sirius XM Radio’s “Broadminded,” and many more. She goes the extra mile as a publicist and forms a bond with her clients. Her attentiveness is admirable and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get serious media attention for their endeavors.
— Dr. Andrew Ordon, M.D., F.A.C., Co-Host of the Emmy Award Winning Talk Show, "The Doctors"
Barbara Teszler is the rad sauce you need to 100X your visibility. I went from being a virtual unknown entity to getting numerous national TV appearances, from Ricki Lake’s talk show to 20/20. She filled out the national magazine logos on my website within 2 months — that’s an extraordinary deliverable. Barbara and Zev will put that youthful exuberance behind your brand so you can rock your mission fully and completely.
— Sara Gottfried, MD, Harvard-Educated Integrative Physician and Author, The Hormone Cure
Barbara Teszler has proven herself to be part publicity professional, part guardian angel, and 100% worth her weight in gold.
— Jackie Kaiser, Vice President, Westwood Creative Artists
I hired Barbara for a two month intense campaign to promote my recently published book in the field of neuroscience and learning disorders, The Woman Who Changed Her Brain. Barbara grasped the material immediately and knew the appropriate media – radio, print and TV to approach and got very wide exposure. Barbara was tireless in her approach, was always positive and a pleasure to work with. She is a woman of integrity. Her results were stellar and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to promote their work.
— Barbara Arrowsmith Young, Psychologist, Learning Disability Advocate and author of THE WOMAN WHO CHANGED HER BRAIN
I’d just like to lend my name to the many endorsements that Barbara’s received. She came to our project — a book about a specific drug fraught with complexity and controversy — with a ready grasp of what was required and the ability to bring about results.
— John Galbraith Simmons, Nonfiction Author, Novelist and Journalist
Barbara Teszler and her team of publicists at Teszler PR, Inc. are the consummate professionals. Their level of dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to the service of their client’s needs is exemplary. Within days of hiring them to promote our company and upcoming film projects they had secured interviews and PR opportunity across a wide spectrum of local and national media outlets. We were immediately impressed with their attention to detail and their all-encompassing collaborative nature, ensuring that our publicity strategy would effectively cater to our individual needs and not be treated with the same cookie cutter, one size fits all approach many larger firms apply. From day one, our expectation have been met and exceeded by Barbara and her staff. Without exception, they have been sensitive to our concerns and are also readily available to answer questions or provide consultation. As a small production company we ran the risk of falling through the cracks or being relegated to a junior publicist, but Teszler PR has treated us with the same high degree of respect and agency-wide attention as any other large client. They have offered us the personal one-on-one service expected of a boutique agency, while continuing to provide the consistently high level of representation and publicity services delivered by the big PR houses. We look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration with Teszler PR, knowing that the growth and future success of our company is as much of a priority to them as it is to us.
— Adam Targum – Founding Partner/Producer/Writer – Vision Entertainment Group
Barbara Teszler is an intelligent, empathetic, tenacious and dedicated professional who will work her heart out to bring you the widest exposure possible. She’s a wonderful person to have on your side!
— Francine Shapiro, PhD, Author of GETTING PAST YOUR PAST
Barbara is one of the most hard-working people I know. She works tirelessly to make connections with new media outlets and works the connections she has to make PR opportunities happen. She uses creativity and varies her approach to keep it fresh. Barbara is persistent, which is something that is certainly needed in this business.
— Dr. Jen Landa, MD, OB/GYN – Chief Medical Officer of Body Logic MD
Barbara is wonderful! She goes above and beyond for our company. We have been so pleased with the results of her work, and we feel that her advice and direction is top notch. Additionally, she is a great person — so you always want to pick up her calls. We couldn’t recommend her more.
— Michelle Gielan, Fortune 500 Consultant
If you’re wondering if Teszler PR is right or you, you’re asking the wrong question. The question you should be asking is are you ready? It really hit me this morning how amazing their work is. I’m rushing to prep for CNN. As I set the TiVo to tape the upcoming segment, I realized I haven’t even had time to see the last two local news segments I taped in the last few days. This is life after just a few months of Teszler PR. Are you ready?
— Alan Christianson, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Barbara goes the extra mile – I give her my wish list for PR and she goes out and makes it happen. I have worked with many publicists over the years and no one comes close to what she produces in terms of results.
— JJ Virgin, Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert and Co-Star of TLC’s hit series Freaky Eaters
Thank you to Barbara Teszler who helped coordinate A-list celebrities and publicity for our first fundraiser for The Miracle Project. Beyond our expectations!
— Elaine Hall, Founder & President of The Miracle Project
Barbara has produced the hands down best results for our PR dollars. The proof is in publications like US News and World Report and the Christian Science Monitor. In a short period of time I’ve had over a half a dozen interviews from national radio shows to local television spots. As far as bang for the buck, I can honestly say that my ROI has been one hundred fold!
— Michael McIntyre, CEO of Benefits America and author of The Authentic Salesman
Barbara is a straight shooter who gets the job done. She is original, creative and consistent. She goes the extra mile to ensure she is meeting the needs of her clients. Barbara is results driven and efficient. She is a great publicist and I highly recommend her.
— Philip Liberatore, Founder and President at IRS Problem Solvers Inc.
I’ve had four publicists in the last four years. No one compares to Barbara Teszler in her attention to my needs, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and most of all her delivery. Barbara has gotten me high profile publicity in a very short period of time. She doesn’t want to alter my message or try to “mold” me into something she feels will be amenable to the media. Rather, she’s taken on me and my message on with enthusiasm. I haven’t worked with anyone that I feel as comfortable with just being myself. She doesn’t try to put words into my mouth. She doesn’t have to because she took the time to read my books and understand what my message is all about. If you want someone who has the confidence and connections to get you out there, it’s Barbara Teszler. Besides all of this, she’s smart, entertaining and fun.
— Nancy Deville, Author of Healthy, Sexy, Happy
Barbara Teszler became one of my publicists in 2011. PR agencies and publicists promise you the world, so as an author, it is hard to know who to trust. In my opinion there are three things which differentiate a great publicist from the rest: tenacity, positivity and creativity. Barbara is the nicest bulldog you will meet. She can hound people for days (including me) if she wants something done. I have seen her respectfully challenge people, including hardened union leaders, who do not immediately see things her way. She knocks on the door until it opens. And every time she has a success at getting my research into top tier press like NBC, Fox News, HBR, Self, US News and World Report, Huffington Post, she writes the best emails, which only encourages you to work harder for her. She makes sure you are not only a client, but also a friend. And she is creative. Unlike many PR groups which are one-and-done in terms of their pitches, she is constantly trying new angles and pitches to help you be relevant. I have been very happy so far with her efforts to get me on TV and into top tier press. When Barbara Teszler promises you the world, she won’t stop until she gets it for you. I highly recommend her.
— Shawn Achor, CEO of Good Think Inc. and Author of The Happiness Advantage
Barbara is a very hard worker and is always looking for new opportunities to get her client’s message out in front of the public. She is creative and inventive in her approach and open to new ideas. She is loyal and easy to work with. In sum, Barbara Teszler is a great young publicist.
— Jeffrey Schwartz, Research Psychiatrist at UCLA Medical Center and author of YOU ARE NOT YOUR BRAIN
Barbara is one of the most talented, hardest working, resourceful freelance publicists I have ever worked with. I recommend her without reservation to any author who wants results.
— Susan Rabiner, Literary Agent & Editor
Barbara has been simply amazing for our company. She is everything you want in a publicist. Creative, Skilled, High Energy, Deeply Passionate and Consistent. We love Barbara. Our company continues to exponentially grow and a big reason for our success is the powerful work Barbara puts in every single day. I recommend Barbara to anyone looking for top quality publicity work. You will be as thrilled as we are to have her on your team!
— Mark Macdonald, Nutritionist to Chelsea Handler and NEW YORK TIMES Best-Selling Author of BODY CONFIDENCE
Barbara is a great cheerleader and hard worker to have in your corner for Public Relations. In 3 months’ time, she has gotten me booked in 5 magazines, 1 newspaper and NBC! Always willing to do what it takes, I would highly recommend working with Barbara!
— JJ Flizanes, Owner of Invisible Fitness and Author of FIT 2 LOVE
Barbara has represented my Pulitzer nominated memoir “Out of the Transylvania Night.” She has the ability to set realistic goals and the self-discipline to achieve them. She rises to the challenge and frustrations of new situations handling them with grace and aplomb. She is intelligent and understanding; strong while gentle, creative and hard-working, admired and respected, talented and persistent, serious with a sense of humor, inquisitive and analytical, both a leader and a team player, willing to take risks, and she has an outstanding record of success. She has delivered contracts over and over, in a timely manner, implementing out-of-the-box ideas while promoting my book. She has proven her academic intellect, her ability to articulate, and her tenacity to take on a project and follow it through completion. It is for all these reasons that I highly recommend Barbara Teszler, without reservation, as an outstanding publicist for any products you might have in place.
Barbara was the publicist on a book that I wrote for HarperCollins in 2009. I’ve been in the writing/publishing business for 30 years as a journalist, Editor-in-Chief, Publisher, Director and written a few books and I can honestly say that Barbara is the best publicist that I have ever worked with. She’s energetic, enthusiastic, intelligent, creative, easy to get along with and has great insights into how to use the new social media. Barbara got me publicity in places I never would have dreamt of. And thanks to her enthusiasm for my book (the Arctic and polar bears) and the tenacious way she fought for it, I had a surge of energy to push harder too. All round she is superb.
— Alun Anderson, Author of AFTER THE ICE
In the cutthroat world of book publishing and public relations, it makes a dramatic difference to have a heart filled with passion and empathy. And it is these qualities that make Barbara Teszler such a viable force in both fields. As someone on the autism spectrum, I can vouch for her character and ability to relate to all types of people. Whether it is promoting my book or skydiving jump to end bullying, Barbara has communicated with me on a consistent and generous basis. I only hope to meet more individuals like her who will advocate for my unusual success as a professional with a disability.
— Jesse A. Saperstein, Author of ATYPICAL